1. Reduce customer churn

Don’t lose customers due to lack of product inventory. Customers who search have a higher intent to buy, and we ensure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity. Our search widget automatically finds products from Amazon it is not available in your store and shows it in the search results so that your customers don’t leave your website.

2. Offer more product choices

Provide sufficient choice to your users by merging Amazon products with search results from your own inventory that matches user's search terms. With our background in personalization, we ensure that the search results are personalized and intuitive. We create great discovery experience that your users love and increase conversion.

3. Build inventory based on user’s needs

Find new products based on what user’s need. We track what products users select to view and add to cart. When the user adds a product to the cart, we automatically add that product to your store inventory (product data). This way you can easily build your store inventory with products that users want.